We also provide the option of replacing the old vinyl strapping on your existing furniture. The major benefit of our restrapping service is that it provides substantial savings over the cost of purchasing new furniture.

Many times the existing furniture frames are in good condition and do not need to be replaced with new furniture, so replacing the vinyl strap material is a great money saving option.

This process begins with a factory representative picking up your furniture and returning to our factory located in Milton, Florida.




Strap Rack

Measurements are calculated and the new vinyl strap material, in the color of your choosing, is rolled off of a 200 ft. roll of vinyl and cut to the proper length. Our two-ton punch press makes a precision cut of each strap and at the same time punches the proper size hole at the end of each strap so that the correct nylon pin can be used when the new strap is installed. Note that each strap is cut to the exact length that is required for each type of frame; this insures that the strap does not "sag" after installation.






Meanwhile the frames are stripped of all the old vinyl strapping and pressure washed. Then the frames are checked for any broken welds, which are TIG-welded and touched-up as required. Any broken back adjusters and frame braces are repaired as needed.


Damaged back-bottom hinge pins are replaced with new stainless steel hardware as needed and all nylon glides are replaced with new inserts when possible.


Finally the new vinyl strapping is installed by hand onto your existing frames and your furniture is prepared for return delivery